Sourced for quality & freshness,

boneless and hand filleted, direct to your door!

Fish Selection

Haddock hand filleted Boneless

Haddock Singles large thick fillets

Hake fillet/steaks

Cod chunky loin fillet boneless

Plaice fillet or whole or on bone

Sole.lemon.Grey boneless fillets

Sea bass fillets/or whole fish

Monktail fillet skinned & trimmed

Scottish salmon fillets or steaks

Salmon on the bone whole or steaks

Tuna steaks

Sword fish steaks

Herring fillet oily fish in season(May August)

Mackerel fresh fillets or on the bone

The healthy oily fish option

Naturally Smoked haddock hand fillet boneless

Naturally Smoked haddock Loin boneless

Kippers Loch Fyne Oak Smoked top quality

Smoked Mackerel Plain or Peppered packed

in packs of two

Smoked Salmon 100g 200g 400g

Salmon Fillet Hot Smoked

Dressed Crab

Mussels fresh 1kilo bags

Prawns Frozen Medium or Large

Frozen Raw prawns

Brown shrimps plain

Brown shrimps potted

Mussel meat frozen

Mussels green lip frozen

Scallops locally sourced

Queenies locally sourced

Anchovies healthy oily option

Marinated herring tubs Sherry or Dill